woven rubber 2.5mm

woven rubber 2.5mm

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Introducing the "Woven Rubber Glove" - a 2.5mm cold water glove that delivers revolutionary heat retention and dexterity. This glove's unique designed paired with our AG or S2 liner keep your hands warm and dry while allowing full range of motion for completing tasks. The rubber used is so thin and flexible you can feel buttons on your gear, easily operate cameras and do anything almost as easily as you would without a glove on!

Crafted with a unique high-quality chloroprene with our woven rubber clad, these gloves offer a near dry and ridiculously warm experience in in temperatures as cold as water gets.  This rubber exterior gives these gloves in 2.5mm the ability to keep your hands warm in temps down to 32 degrees. 

 For optimal protection and performance, pair the 'Woven Rubber" gloves with our SR wrist belt, which provides a secure fit and eliminates any gaps between your glove and wetsuit.

Whether you're a professional diver or a recreational enthusiast, the "Woven rubber" gloves offers the absolute best of comfort, warmth, and dexterity, making them the perfect accessory for photography and most cold water diving adventure. Due to the supple nature of the woven rubber clad this glove is not recommended as a "working glove". The best applications for this glove would be Ice diving, cold water photography and other dive types where you will not be grabbing sharp objects.


Every suit is constructed with the highest quality chloroprene.


All suits are shipped by air from Japan within 3-6 weeks after you place your order.


Care Instructions

Suits should be hand washed in cold water after each use. Suits should be hang dried on the SR suit hanger out of direct sun light.

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