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Women's Scuba Semi-dry Shoulder to Shoulder Zip 5mm

Women's Scuba Semi-dry Shoulder to Shoulder Zip 5mm

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The scuba semi-dry suit is a form fitting suit that will keep you warm and comfortable for hours at a time. This suit comes standard with our proprietary blend of chloroprene that provides unmatched flexibility and heat retention. To increase longevity, common wear areas such as the shoulders and knees, have a exterior woven nylon lining to keep the suit free of scuffs and abrasions. All semi-dry suits come standard with wrist seals.

Our shoulder to shoulder zip design provides ease of entry just like a back zip, but has similar characteristics and feel to a chest zip. The optional dual neck seal offers the most water tight entry available for any wet or semi-dry suit on the market. There are two sealing over head entry flaps, one interior and one exterior.

The exterior neck seal is not stitched or folded unnecessarily, providing rash free comfort.  The exterior flap is sewn on top of the suit's upper panels flush against the shoulders, back and chest. This is done with a special machine that dose not penetrate through the entire depth of the chloroprene, maintaining the suit's smooth interior and water tight exterior. The exterior flap is sealed using a ultra thin toothed YKK zipper that sits over 5 inches away from the entry opening on the suit, so no water can bypass the zipper then enter the suit. In  the event water dose make its way past the zipper it is forced out through small, strategically positioned holes on the exterior flap during normal use. However, even with rough conditions for boat entry or shore entry, little to no water could pass the second barrier to enter the suit.

Two layers of chloroprene cover the shoulders.  Beneath these layer sits the second interior seal.  The interior seal is comfortably held in place with four low profile grommets. Around the lower neck smooth skin contacts the body so no water can penetrate the suit making the diver cold. 


Every suit is constructed with the highest quality chloroprene.


All suits are shipped by air from Japan within 3-6 weeks after you place your order.


Care Instructions

Suits should be hand washed in cold water after each use. Suits should be hang dried on the SR suit hanger out of direct sun light.

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