SR Dry-Suit Liner

SR Dry-Suit Liner

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The SR dry-suit liner, a two-piece suit crafted using 2mm chloroprene. Designed for optimal heat retention and comfort, this loosely fitting liner features the innovative Ag titan lining on the interior. The Ag titan lining is truly exceptional, as it utilizes advanced technology to store warm air within macaroni-like cavities, ensuring outstanding insulation in extreme cold temperatures.

With its superior construction, the Ag titan lining minimizes water absorption and swiftly wicks away moisture from your skin. This efficient moisture management system keeps comfortable throughout your diving experience. It's important to note that the Ag titan lining is recommended for use in extreme cold conditions, where exceptional heat retention is essential for your safety and enjoyment.

Experience the difference of the SR dry-suit liner and embrace warmth and protection during your dives. Its cutting-edge design and use of high-quality materials make it a reliable companion for diving adventures in the harshest environments. Dive confidently, knowing that your SR dry-suit liner will keep you cozy and dry, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the underwater world.

This dry suit liner also works as a exposure suit for all types of water sports.  


Every suit is constructed with the highest quality chloroprene.


All suits are shipped by air from Japan within 3-6 weeks after you place your order.


Care Instructions

Suits should be hand washed in cold water after each use. Suits should be hang dried on the SR suit hanger out of direct sun light.

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