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Hygge Tripp Mitt 5.5mm

Hygge Tripp Mitt 5.5mm

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The Hygge Tripp Mitt - a 5.5mm cold water glove that combines superior heat retention with practical dexterity. Designed using the same chloroprene as our semi-dry suits, these mitts feature our advanced Titan AG liner, ensuring maximum warmth and insulation. This mitt is designed for the absolute harshest diving conditions. 

The mitt's entry is lined with smooth skin, creating a tight seal on your wrists that prevents water from seeping inside. This feature is especially important in cold water environments, where even a small amount of water can cause discomfort and reduce body temperature.

For the ultimate seal, pair the Hygge Tripp Mitt with our SP wrist belt, which provides a secure fit and eliminates any gaps between your glove and wetsuit.

Whether you're a professional diver or a recreational enthusiast, the Hygge Tripp Mitt offers exceptional comfort, protection, and performance, making it an ideal accessory for any cold water diving adventure.

This style is commonly referred to as a "lobster claw"


Every suit is constructed with the highest quality chloroprene.


All suits are shipped by air from Japan within 3-6 weeks after you place your order.


Care Instructions

Suits should be hand washed in cold water after each use. Suits should be hang dried on the SR suit hanger out of direct sun light.

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