Custom Wet and Semi-dry Suit

Getting a custom wet or semi-dry suit tailored to your specific needs is a straightforward process. To begin, contact us to schedule an appointment our certified Supreme Rubber dealer in North County San Diego, which is currently the exclusive shop for measurements. Our shop is currently only open by appointment. Once you visit the dealer, they will take 26 precise measurements from your neck to ankle, ensuring an impeccable fit. This measuring session typically lasts around 10 minutes, guaranteeing your comfort and freedom of movement underwater.

After the measurements, you will have the opportunity to select the thickness of your suit, ranging from 1.5mm to 7mm. The thickness should correspond to the diving temperatures you anticipate encountering. Additionally, you can choose from three different liners: standard, S2, or Ag. The S2 and Ag liners add an extra 0.5mm of thickness to the suit, providing enhanced insulation.

Moving on, there are three entry options available: back zip, chest zip, or shoulder-to-shoulder zip. Each entry option offers the choice of a dual neck seal, ensuring a near water-tight fit. For those who prefer it, the chest and shoulder-to-shoulder zip also come with the option for an attached hood.

Finally, the suit can be customized further to suit your individual preferences. You can opt for additional features such as wrist and ankle seals, elbow pads, and a range of colors, among others. For a comprehensive list of available options, please contact us.

Remember, this exceptional process guarantees a tailor-made suit that not only fits perfectly but also reflects your unique style and requirements. Contact us to schedule an appointment and embark on your journey towards the ideal wet or semi-dry suit. 

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