Experience comfort where never thought possible

Just because the water is cold dosen't mean you should be!

Offering you the best fitting, most comfortable, durable and warmest suits on the market.

  • Made to order

    Each suit is made to order. When you decide what suit you need, then place your order, our highly experienced craftsmen and women in Japan get to work. Suits are hand tailored and shipped to you within 4 to 6 weeks.

  • Sizing

    We have a comprehensive sizing chart to help you make the right choice when ordering a stock sized suit.

  • Custom

    There is nothing better than diving in a custom suit. The comfort, flexibility, warmth and durability are second to none.

    We take 26 measurements from neck to ankle ensuring a perfect fit and provide options such as attached hoods, pockets, wrist and ankle seals, elbow pads and more.

  • Marcelo-

    "The suit has been absolutely awesome man, The stretchiness is next level and the quick drying properties are solid when doing multiple dives a day"

  • Linda F-

    "I have worn manny different exposure suits including wet and dry suit. This suit is the warmest, most comfortable and most flexible. It is soft on the inside, the custom fit is perfect and I can move freely without feeling restricted. The best part is, i'm comfortable while diving and i don't get cold!"

  • Bill-

    "I've been diving for more than three decades, and this is the by far the warmest and most comfortable wetsuits I've ever worn. Its holding up extremely well too. The durability is excellent. Also the custom fit is great, very little water gets in and the suit dries super fast.